Research Seminar: Pei-Chia Lan on "Raising Global Families: Parenting, Immigration and Class in Taiwan and the US"

28 February 2019, 5.00 PM - 28 February 2019, 7.00 PM

G1 7PR

The Centre of Ethnicity and Citizenship is jointly hosting a seminar with the Faculty Gender Research Group 

Pei-Chia Lan (National University of Taiwan) will be discussing 'Raising Global Families: Parenting, Immigration and Class in Taiwan and the US' 

Date: 28th February 2019

Time: 5-7pm

Venue: G1 7 Priory Rd


Public discourse on Asian parenting tends to fixate on ethnic culture as a static value set, disguising the fluidity and diversity of Chinese parenting. Such stereotypes also fail to account for the challenges of raising children in a rapidly modernizing world, full of globalizing values. My new book Raising Global Families: Parenting, Immigration, and Class in Taiwan and the US (Stanford 2018) examines how ethnic Chinese parents in Taiwan and the United States negotiate cultural differences and class inequality to raise children in the contexts of globalization and immigration. This book draws on a uniquely comparative, multi-sited research model with four groups of parents: middle-class and working-class parents in Taiwan, and middle-class and working-class Chinese immigrants in the Boston area. Despite sharing a similar ethnic cultural background, these parents develop class-specific, context-sensitive strategies for arranging their children's education, care, and discipline, and coping with uncertainties provoked by their changing surroundings. I coined the term “global security strategies” to describe their childrearing practices that often lead to the unintended consequences of magnifying parental insecurity.


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