Lunchtime Seminar: Nadia Haq "Squaring the Circle – The Irreconcilability of Media Representations of Muslims"

12 June 2019, 1.00 PM - 12 June 2019, 2.00 PM

G1 7 Priory Road


The Centre for Ethnicity and Citizenship will be holding a lunchtime seminar on 12th June 2019.

Time: 13:00 14:00pm

Venue: G1 7 Priory Road 

Nadia Haq will be discussing ‘Squaring the Circle – The Irreconcilability of Media Representations of Muslims’.



British Muslims are seen to be represented in a negative context in the mainstream media, contributing to populist and essentialised perceptions of Muslims and Islam. This media discourse reflects the wider contested debate about nation, identity and culture against a backdrop of diverging interpretations and assertions of ‘Britishness’ and liberal values. In its defence, the mainstream media draws on the democratic values that underlie its journalistic ideology as an objective public service seeking to inform the people of the ‘difficult’ realities of public life. This paper examines how British newspaper editors defend their position when faced with allegations of Islamophobia in their media coverage. It seeks to unravel the underlying tensions faced by editors between the values of mainstream journalism such as a commitment to objectivity, truth and free speech and the counterevidence pointing to the prevalence of discriminatory and sensationalist media coverage on Muslims. These tensions reveal how editors are able to construct this problem as a clash of values, making it an impossible balancing act with no reconcilable resolution.

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