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University of Bristol's team at varsity spoken-word poetry competition UniSlam

The University of Bristol's team at UniSlam 2018

UniSlam Chrispin Lema

Chrispin Lema (3rd year, Theatre) at UniSlam 2018

Nora Gunn (2nd year, English and Classics) at UniSlam 2018

13 February 2018

Between Friday 26th and Sunday 28th January, the greatest UniSlam competition to date took place at DeMontfort University, Leicester. UniSlam is the UK’s biggest varsity spoken-word poetry competition, with this year seeing 23 teams compete for the title.

For 2018, the University of Bristol’s team was comprised of four poets: Nora Gunn (2nd year, English and Classics), Chrispin Lema (3rd year, Theatre), Ife Grillo (1st year, Politics and Sociology) and Kyásat Nadeem (3rd year, Law). Their coach was Chloë Moloney (2nd year, English).

The team delivered stimulating performances throughout the competition, with poems concerning reputation, race and sexual harassment. A particularly emphatic performance was given by Ife Grillo, whose poems were met with great praise and applause from the audiences. Ife was also given a prize for special recognition, due to his impeccable poetry.

Only 10 out of the 23 teams at the competition made it to the semi-finals however, and there was unfortunately not a place for Bristol in the semi-finals. The standard of poetry, however, not only in the Bristol team, but in the competition as a whole, was unparalleled. It was a sheer joy to be exposed to such a high calibre of writing, from a group of such lively and talented students.

Chloë Moloney


Photos by Connor Macleod 

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