School of Education Mentoring Scheme
From the Professional Liaison Network

The School of Education is proud to be part of the University of Bristol's Mentoring Scheme, facilitated and run by the Professional Liaison Network.
The Mentoring Scheme offers undergraduates the chance to engage with mentors who have done the same or similar degree, and are working in an area or profession students may wish to explore when they graduate.

What is the Mentoring Scheme?


Please visit the Undergraduate Mentoring web page for the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law for more information on the Mentoring Scheme and how it can help you on your career journey.

The PLN Mentoring Scheme and Placements - a student's view

‌‌Mentoring scheme a students view

Ahanah Bhatnagar, a student in the School of Education, was connected to a professional mentor and undertook a placement during her studies. We asked her to talk about her experiences!‌

Why did you apply to the Mentoring Scheme and who was your mentor?

Getting first-hand advice from someone who has been in the same situation as me would enrich my knowledge about different opportunities after graduation. My mentor was a principal at a primary school.

How did mentoring benefit you?

The scheme networks you with people within the industry and I could ask questions, for example, my mentor explained the process of doing a PGDE, as I am considering it.

Why do a placement or take part in the Mentoring Scheme?

Students should engage with these opportunities because you can gain first-hand insight into an organisation and sector. They will help you understand how to present yourself professionally and develop skills such as confidence and push you to engage more with your future career plans too.

Where did you do your placement?

My placement was at a nursery and preschool where I worked alongside the teaching staff in the preschool classroom.

How did your placement benefit you?

I thought it was a great opportunity to get work experience in the UK since I am an international student. The placement is helping me decide what actions I should be taking before finishing my degree to provide me with the best opportunities available.

Who are the Professional Liaison Network?

The Professional Liaison Network (PLN) is a small team in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law (FSSL) that develops partnerships with organisations that relate closely to the Faculty's academic disciplines, across education and research.

This film outlines some of the work that the team does to engage our students with these partners. Mentoring is currently available to undergraduate students in the School of Education.

Funded internships are available through the Q-Step scheme, to students in the School of Education. For full details see:

Applications are now open for the UoB Mentoring Scheme!

Calling all second and third-year undergraduate students in the School of Education; applications are open for the 20-21 Mentoring Scheme.
This is your opportunity to be linked to a professional who has studied your discipline, working in a role of interest to you. You can get advice on your next steps, increase your professional networks and develop your professional skills.
Deadline - 2 November 2020
Apply Now!

More about the Professional Liaison Network's Mentoring Scheme for 2020

In this short video, Isabelle Halton of the Professional Liaison Network Faculty of Social Sciences and Law discusses the Mentoring Scheme for 2020. 

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