PhD student success

Research student destinations

Recent destinations for our research students in economics include post-doctoral positions at Harvard, Paris Sciences Po, and the Toulouse School of Economics; a Junior Research Fellowship at Cambridge; an economist position at the IMF; a research position at the Institute for Fiscal Studies; positions within the Behavioural Insights Team; and a lectureship at Lancaster University.

Research student publications

This list shows published or forthcoming research by current or former research students in economics at Bristol.

Criterion for inclusion: the listed work was undertaken or initiated while one or more of the authors were registered as research students in the Department of Economics at the University of Bristol. If you have corrections or additions to this list, please email Jonathan Temple.

Daniel Borowczyk-Martins and Etienne Lalé  2018

Employment Adjustment and Part-Time Work: Lessons from the United States and the United Kingdom

American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics Forthcoming

Daniel Borowczyk-Martins, Jake Bradley and Linas Tarasonis


Racial discrimination in the U.S. labor market: Employment and wage differentials by skill

Labour Economics December
Patrick Carter 2017

Aid Econometrics: Lessons From a Stochastic Growth Model

Journal of International Money and Finance

77, October, 216-232

Bradley, Jake, Postel-Vinay, Fabien and Hélène Turon  2017

Public Sector Wage Policy and Labor Market Equilibrium: A Structural Model

Journal of the European Economic Association 15(6), February, 1214–1257
Bradley, Jake 2016

Self-Employment in an Equilibrium Model of the Labor Market

IZA Journal of Labor Economics 5:6
Kara, Engin and Sin, Jasmin 2018 The Fiscal Multiplier in a Liquidity Constrained New Keynesian Economy Scandinavian Journal of Economics

120(1), January, 93-123

Smith, Sarah and Sanders, Michael 2016 Can Simple Prompts Increase Bequest Giving? Field Evidence From a Legal Call Centre Journal of Economic Behavior and Organisation 125, May, 179-191
Janke, Katharina, Propper, Carol and Shields, Michael A. 2016 Assaults, Murders and Walkers: The Impact of Violent Crime on Physical Activity Journal of Health Economics 47, May, 34-49
Janke, Katharina 2014 Air Pollution, Avoidance Behaviour and Children's Respiratory Health: Evidence from England Journal of Health Economics 38, 23-42
Bhalotra, Sonia and Rawlings, Samantha B. 2011 Intergenerational Persistence in Health in Developing Countries: The Penalty of Gender Inequality? Journal of Public Economics 95(3-4), 286-299
Bhalotra, S. and Rawlings, Samantha B. 2013 Gradients of the Intergenerational Transmission of Health in Developing Countries Review of Economics and Statistics 95(2), 660-672
Bittencourt, Manoel 2012 Financial Development and Economic Growth in Latin America: Is Schumpeter Right? Journal of Policy Modeling 34(3), 341 – 355.
Bittencourt, Manoel 2012 Inflation and Economic Growth in Latin America: Some Panel Time-Series Evidence Economic Modelling 29(2), 333–340
Blanden, Jo, Gregg, Paul and Macmillan, Lindsey 2013 Intergenerational Persistence in Income and Social Class: The Impact of Within-Group Inequality Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A 176(2), 541-563
Borowczyk-Martins, Daniel, Jolivet, Gregory and Postel-Vinay, Fabien 2013 Accounting for Endogeneity in Matching Function Estimation Review of Economic Dynamics 16(3), 440-451
Britton, Jack and Propper, Carol 2016 Teacher Pay and School Productivity: Exploiting Wage Regulation Journal of Public Economics 133, January, 75–89
Carter, Patrick 2013 Does Foreign Aid Displace Domestic Taxation? Journal of Globalization and Development 4(1), August, 1-47
Carter, Patrick 2014 Aid Allocation Rules European Economic Review 71, 132-151
Carter, Patrick, Postel-Vinay, Fabien and Temple, Jonathan 2015 Dynamic Aid Allocation Journal of International Economics 95(2), 291-304

Garside, Ludivine, Grout, Paul A. and Zalewska, Ania

2013 Does Experience Make You ‘Tougher’? Evidence From Competition Law Economic Journal

123 (568), 474-490

Goodman, A., Gregg, Paul and Washbrook, Elizabeth 2011 Children's educational attainment and the aspirations, attitudes and behaviours of parents and children through childhood Longitudinal and Life Course Studies 2(1), 1-18
Gregg, Paul and Macmillan, Lindsey 2010 Family income and Education in the Next Generation: Exploring income gradients in education for current cohorts of youth Longitudinal and Life Course Studies 1(3)
Gregg, Paul, Nasim, Bilal and Macmillan, Lindsey 2012 The Impact of Fathers' Job Loss during the Recession of the 1980s on their Children's Educational Attainment and Labour Market Outcomes Fiscal Studies 33(2), 237-264
Gregg, Paul, Waldfogel, Jane and Washbrook, Elizabeth 2006 Family Expenditures Post-Welfare Reform in the UK: Are Low-Income Families Starting to Catch Up? Labour Economics 13(6), 721-746
Gregg, Paul and Washbrook, Elizabeth 2011 The role of attitudes and behaviours in explaining socio-economic differences in attainment at age 11 Longitudinal and Life Course Studies 2(1), 41-58
von Hinke Kessler Scholder, Stephanie 2008 Maternal employment and overweight children: does timing matter? Health Economics 17(8), 889-906
von Hinke Kessler Scholder, Stephanie, Davey Smith, George, Lawlor Debbie A., Propper, Carol and Windmeijer, Frank 2011 Mendelian randomization: the use of genes in instrumental variable analyses Health Economics 20(8), 893-896
von Hinke Kessler Scholder, Stephanie, Davey Smith, George, Lawlor, Debbie A., Propper, Carol, and Windmeijer, Frank 2013 Child height, health and human capital: Evidence using genetic markers European Economic Review 57, January, 1-22
Huang, Yongfu 2009 The political economy of financial reform: are Abiad and Mody right? Journal of Applied Econometrics 24(7), 1207-1213
Huang, Yongfu 2010 Political Institutions and Financial Development: An Empirical Study World Development 38(12), 1667-1677
Huang, Yongfu 2011 Private investment and financial development in a globalized world Empirical Economics 41(1), 43-56
Leaver, Clare 2009 Bureaucratic Minimal Squawk Behavior: Theory and Evidence from Regulatory Agencies American Economic Review 99(3), 572-607
de Meza, David and Selvaggi, Mariano 2007 Exclusive contracts foster relationship-specific investment RAND Journal of Economics 38(1), Spring, 85–97
Parcero, Osiris J. 2007 Inter-region Subsidy Competition for a New Plant: What is the Central Government Optimal Policy? Regional Science and Urban Economics 37(6), 688-702
Park, In-Uck, Peacey, Mike W. and Munafo, Marcus R. 2014 Modelling the effects of subjective and objective decision making in scientific peer review Nature 506, February, 93-96
Pickering, Andrew and Rockey, James 2011 Ideology and the Growth of Government Review of Economics and Statistics 93(3), 907-919
Pickering, Andrew and Valle, Héctor 2012 Openness, Imported Commodities and the Sacrifice Ratio B. E. Journal of Macroeconomics 12(1), 1-24
Ratcliffe, Anita 2015 Wealth Effects, Local Area Attributes, and Economic Prospects: On the Relationship between House Prices and Mental Wellbeing Review of Income and Wealth 61(1), 75-92
Richard Disney, Ratcliffe, Anita, and Smith, Sarah 2015 Booms, Busts and Retirement Timing Economica 82(327), July, 399–419
Regner, Tobias and Barria, Javier A. 2009 Do Consumers Pay Voluntarily? The Case of Online Music Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 71(2), 395-406
Rockey, James 2012 Reconsidering the Fiscal Effects of Constitutions European Journal of Political Economy 28(3), 313-323
Sanders, Michael Forthcoming Social Influences on Charitable Giving in the Workplace Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics Forthcoming
Sanderson, Eleanor and Windmeijer, Frank 2016 A Weak Instrument F-Test in Linear IV Models with Multiple Endogenous Variables Journal of Econometrics 190(2), 212–221
Sirimaneetham, Vatcharin and Temple, Jonathan R. W. 2009 Macroeconomic Stability and the Distribution of Growth Rates World Bank Economic Review 23(3), 443-479
Washbrook, Elizabeth, Gregg, Paul and Propper, Carol 2014 A Decomposition Analysis of the Relationship Between Parental Income and Multiple Child Outcomes Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A 177(4), 757–782
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