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Bristol economics graduates enjoy the highest financial return of any degree

28 November 2018

New research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, published by the Department for Education, provides detailed analysis of the returns to studying for a degree, by subject and institution.

The study found that, among men, those studying economics at Bristol enjoyed the highest returns of all graduates, with earnings more than two and a half times those of non-graduates. Among women, studying economics also yielded high returns, although maths at Oxford topped the table. 

Overall, the returns to a degree are positive: Women with a degree earn on average 28% more than non-graduate women while for men the figure is 8%. But there is huge variation by institution and by subject.

The research uses tax return data to compare the earnings of graduates at age 29, compared to non-graduates. The analysis controls for differences in prior educational attainment and family background.   

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