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Read the views of our academics on the economic impact of COVID-19 and policy recommendations to respond to it.

How have teacher assessments affected A-level results? Economics Observatory.

Dr Steven Proud looks at the impact of teacher assessments for this year's A-level results on inequalities between students and across different school types as well as the impact on university admissions and student numbers.

12 August 2021

How have school closures affected children around the world? Economics Observatory.

Dr Hans Sievertsen considers the unequal impact of school closures around the world.

11 August 2021

How are developing economies coping with the Covid-19 crisis? Economics Observatory.

Dr Ahmed J Pirzada looks at how developing countries have responded to the crisis.

1 July 2021

Women and the pandemic. Economics Observatory.

Professor Sarah Smith looks at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women and on growing calls for a women's strategy to mitigate the damage.

12 March 2021

How has a year of coronavirus affected women? Economics Observatory.

Professor Sarah Smith looks at how the pandemic has damaged the lives of women of all ages.

8 March 2021

News from the women’s committee — A growing divide. The Royal Economic Society.

Professor Sarah Smith and Dr Chryssi Giannitsarou look at the unequal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on academic life.

What can we learn about Covid transmission in schools from teacher absence figures? FFT Education Datalab Blog.

Professor Simon Burgess and Dave Thomson (FFT Education Datalab) use data on teacher absence related to COVID-19 to consider transmission in schools.

22 January 2021

How are tiers affecting jobs and infection rates at the local level? Economics Observatory.

Professor Helen Simpson looks at implications of the three-tier system of COVID-19 restrictions which was introduced to England on 2 December 2020 using data from the Annual Population Survey workplace analysis.

2 December 2020

#economicsfest: How can Bristol and the West of England ‘build back better’? Economics Observatory.

PhD student Ellen Greaves looks at how the recovery process from COVID-19 could give local policy-makers the chance to shape the revival.

20 November 2020

To what extent are young people bearing the brunt of Covid-19 job losses? Economics Observarory.

Dr Steven Proud looks at the impact of the pandemic on young people's employment.

13 November 2020

Learning loss: the National Tutoring Programme for England is a valuable step – but may not go far enough. The Conversation.

Professor Simon Burgess and Dr Hans Sievertsen assess the potential impact of the National Tutoring Programme to address learning losing during the pandemic.

12 November 2020

Pupils in the poorest areas of the country are missing the most schooling. FFT Education Datalab Blog.

Professor Simon Burgess and the FFT Education Datalab team review data on pupil attendance to assess the impact of COVID-19 on education, revealing the pupils missing the most schooling are found in the poorest areas of the country.

30 October 2020

How do Covid-19 cases and benefit claims compare at the local level? Economics Observatory.

Professor Helen Simpson presents data demonstrating the links between the effects of the pandemic on public health and the economy and variations by region.

22 October 2020

Why have this summer’s A-level exam grades caused so much trouble? Economics Observatory.

Dr Steven Proud considers why the algorithm used by Ofqual caused such disruption.

2 September 2020

Back to school does not necessarily mean back to work for mothers. The Conversation.

Professor Sarah Smith looks at the impact on individual and full school closures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic on working mothers.

26 August 2020

Childcare during a global pandemic: Many women left juggling work and childcare, but men do their share when they are not working. VoxEu.

Professor Sarah Smith and Professor Almudena Sevilla (University College London) discuss the unequal burden of childcare during the COVID-19 crisis.

16 June 2020

How we should deal with the lockdown learning loss in England’s schools. VoxEu.

Professor Simon Burgess looks at policy responses to mitigate the effects of school lockdowns on education.

16 June 2020

How can we make up the learning losses from lockdown? Economics Observatory.

Professor Simon Burgess considers policies to address missed schooling as a result of lockdowns.

14 June 2020

Why should students pay university fees if all lectures are online? Economics Observatory.

Professor Alvin Birdi, Dr Steven Proud, Ralf Becker (University of Manchester) and Caroline Elliott (Aston University) compare online and face-face university education, highlighting the innovations in HE.

12 June 2020

When should schools re-open? Economics Observatory.

Professor Simon Burgess, Dr Hans Sievertsen and Professor Anna Vignoles (University of Cambridge) consider what are the difficulties in making decisions about re-opening schools and why is there so much variation among national approaches?

29 May 2020

The COVID-19 crisis and Educational Inequality. The Campaign for Social Science.

Professor Simon Burgess and Professor Anna Vignoles (University of Cambridge) share their research on educational inequality.

22 May 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on education. VoxEU.

Professor Simon Burgess and Dr Hans Sievertsen discuss schools, skills and learning, and the impact COVID-19 could have on them.

1 April 2020

The long-term consequences of missing a term of school. IZA Blog.

Professor Simon Burgess and Dr Hans Sievertsen look at the potential consequences of lost schooling on skill growth.

31 March 2020

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