Research Hub: Coronavirus

The School of Economics Coronavirus Research Hub brings together our academic community’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. It features research and policy recommendations to tackle the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19 on societies and economies across the world. It also includes commentary and analysis pieces intended to help students and non-specialists use insights from economics to make sense of the current crisis.

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Coronavirus Blogs

Economics provides a useful toolbox to make sense of the current pandemic, members of the School, both staff and students, have created blogs on the following topics:

Panic in the shops of London... and the rest of the UK, by Professor Sarah Smith

What do the daily death rates tell us? by Professor Sarah Smith and Dr Steven Proud

The COVID-19 league table, should the UK be at the top? by Professor Edmund Cannon

Government Vs the Markets, by Professor Sarah Smith

COVID-19, the expert economist view, by Professor Sarah Smith and Dr Hans Sievertsen

Cummings and Goings, by Professor Sarah Smith

Black Lives Matter, by Professor Sarah Smith

Premier League Salaries during the pandemic, by third-year Economics and Politics student, Pravin

Coronavirus and inequality: What does it mean for education? by first-year Philosophy and Economics student, Charlotte

The local economic impacts of Covid-19 and policy to 'level-up' the economy, by Professor Helen Simpson

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