The Chamber of Demonstrations
Reconstructing the Jacobean Indoor Playhouse

A number of research papers are available free for download as PDF files.

Practising Theatre History as Research -
Abstract: Reconstruction - of playhouses and theatre practices - has increasingly become a major aspect of theatre research, leading to growing - and changing - insights into the stage practices of early modern professional theatres. In this paper, originally given at a conference "Shakespeare and the Queen's Men" in Toronto in 2006, Martin White looks at some of the issues involved in putting texts and performing spaces together to forge new understandings and considers how these might in turn influence the staging of early modern plays in our theatres.

Lighting the Stage -
Artificial Lighting in the Early Modern Commercial Playhouse
Abstract: An account by Martin White of the processes of research into lighting the stage, as well as the discoveries made, during the course of this reconstruction project and beyond.

Reassessing the drawings for the Inigo Jones theatre: a Restoration project by John Webb?
Gordon Higgott reassesses the provenance of the Worcester College drawings.


Further research papers will be available shortly.
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