Opportunity Bristol

Opportunity Bristol is a funding scheme to support students from Black or mixed Black heritage backgrounds to pursue a career in research.

About the scheme

Opportunity Bristol provides financial support for UK nationals with Home fee status from Black or mixed Black heritage backgrounds in the transition from undergraduate to PhD-level study. The scheme aims to place students in a better position to pursue a career in research by supporting their studies at master's level. 

This scheme is part of the University of Bristol's Black Bristol Scholarship Programme, which is supported by philanthropic donations and seeks to address the lack of representation of the Black heritage community at every level of study in higher education, from undergraduate students to those completing PhDs.  

Opportunity Bristol 2021

Which programmes are covered?

Funding is available for the following research-related master's programmes for entry in 2021:

Part-time modes of study will also be considered. 

What funding is available? 

Around five studentships will be awarded, covering:

  1. Home tuition fees (see relevant programme pages for details of fee) 
  2. A student stipend (at the level defined by UKRI – £15,609 in 2021/22)
  3. Contribution to research, travel and conference costs (£1,000). 

Find out more about the selection process below.

Am I eligible?

To be considered for an Opportunity Bristol 2021 studentship, you must:

  1. Have submitted an application for entry onto one of the programmes listed above on or before 31 May 2021. 
  2. Be a UK national with Home fee status who self-identifies as having a Black, African, Black British, Caribbean background, or a mixed background featuring one of these groups. 
  3. Demonstrate an interest and aptitude to pursue research-related career through your personal statement.

Candidates will be ineligible if they have had significant, previous, research experience. 

How do I apply?

  • Complete the online application for entry to your preferred programme.
  • Please note your interest in the Opportunity Bristol 2021 funding scheme within your application. 

Detailed guidance on the application process for each master's programme is available on the Postgraduate study webpages

Applicants are required to provide a personal statement as part of the admission processSelection for a scholarship award is based on academic excellence and potential but it would also be helpful for applicants to include details of your research career interests and aspirations. 

What if I've already submitted my application to a programme and I now want to apply for funding?

There is the facility within the online application system for post submission uploads. If an additional or amended personal statement is provided, please highlight this with your School admissions office to ensure that your updated materials are considered by the selection panels.

If you require further guidance and support in the application process, please contact Dr Kevin Higgins.

What is the selection process?

Senior Faculty staff will be meeting in mid-June 2021 to consider applications and all candidates will be notified as soon as their decisions are known. 

Successful candidates who hold Conditional offers for their chosen master's programme will need to have met those requirements for their studentship to then be confirmed. 

Data protection 

The collection of personal information from applicants for University programmes must comply with UK legislative controls, and ethnicity, because it is defined as special category data, is subject to the strictest conditions of processing. 

This data is requested by the University, as it is required by Government to monitor participation and diversity, but, as a characteristic that is self-identified, candidates are not obliged to give a response. 

These studentships are promoted as a funding opportunity for UK nationals with Home fee status who choose to identify as having a background as described in the section above on eligibility.

Frequently asked questions

If you have further questions, please read our Frequently asked questions webpage or contact Dr Kevin Higgins.


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