PGR Community Fund

The PGR Community Fund supports the organisation of PGR community-building, wellbeing and social activities

Online and in-person PGR community events

Do you have an idea for a non-research-related event or activity that could bring PGRs together - virtually or in person? 

Applicants can request an award of up to £300towards any initiative that: 

  • helps to build connections between PGRs

  • boosts PGRs’ wellbeing 

How do I apply?

Information on submitting an application, including the terms and conditions, is available on the Bristol Doctoral College SharePoint pages.  

Looking for inspiration for your event?

Visit our Case studies and inspiration page to find out about previous events and get ideas for your own.

PGR Development Fund

Do you have an idea for a skills-focused activity that could benefit other PGRs? You could make it happen with an award of up to £500 from our PGR Development Fund.

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