Exams Only status

It is important you speak to a Student Visa Adviser if your status has changed to / from Exams Only and you need visa advice. Please contact us to find out more. 

If you are required to do resits or a supplementary year in non-attendance, your student status will change from Registered (R) to Exams Only (RE). This means that you will not be required to be in the UK to attend lectures and workshops but will only need to attend the exams. If your student status changes to Exams Only, it is the University’s obligation to report this change to UKVI. Following this report, your Student visa will be curtailed (cancelled). We will email you and will let you know when we are about to send a report to UKVI. You will normally have 60 days from the date of our email to leave the UK.

In order to return to the UK for your exam(s), you should return on a Short-term study visa. Please see more information about this visa type here.

To support your return to the UK on a Short-Term Study visa you will need a Short-Term Study visa letter, and this can be requested from your Faculty Office. This letter will state the exam dates that you are required to be in the UK.

Once you have successfully passed the exam(s) and been:

  • given a final submission date for the dissertation or
  • allowed to continue with your course

we will be able to issue you with a new CAS number which will allow you to apply for a new Student visa.

It is not possible to switch from Short-Term Student visa to Student visa in the UK - you must make the Student visa application in your home country. Please see our website for the Student visa application requirements.

If you want to find out if it is an option to sit the exams in your home country then you should contact the Faculty Office to ask if this can be arranged.

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