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Equipped Rooms

To see if the room you require has RePlay/Hybrid access. click here

How Teaching Spaces Are Set-Up

Centralised Teaching Spaces have been carefully planned with Timetabling. The university has various layouts to maximise the space. It is important these rooms remain in their planned setup, so if you move furniture, you should always put it back before you leave. You should not remove or add furniture to the rooms.

If you have any concerns, please call LFM on 0117 42 18016 or 0117 42 018017

Why doesn't the university permit catering, food, hot drinks in most of its teaching spaces?

  • Teaching spaces are cleaned on a weekly basis, and we need to ensure no leftover food waste is left in the rooms, making it unpleasant for other room users
  • Most of the university teaching spaces are carpeted, and we need to avoid costly cleaning expenses if hot drinks or food are spilt
  • Food smells can linger. We want teaching spaces to be as clean and fresh as possible

How YOU can help us

Return the layout of tables and chairs to that of the Room Layout poster before you leave

If using Web Room Bookings to book a space for a staff meeting, and you intend to have catering, you must select the tab 'Catering/Refreshments Permitted' in the right-hand column. Very few of the teaching spaces permit food, and they are specifically set-up for teaching

Make safe use of the services made available to you and observe University regulations

Familiarise yourself before you start the session with the Fire Evacuation route poster displayed

Familiarise yourself with the equipment in advance of its use & report damaged or faulty equipment to the Service-desk so that it can be identified and rectified

Fault Reporting

The first point of contact for any question, problem or request related to AV or IT in a teaching space is the IT Service Desk

Phone: 0117 42 82222 / internal 82222. Mon-Fri 08:30-17:15 during term time (09:00-17:00 outside of term time)

Web: Topdesk self-service tool

Email: service-desk@bristol.ac.uk

Written: See local room guides in Central Teaching Spaces

SharePoint: https://uob.sharepoint.com/sites/itservices/SitePages/audio-visual.aspx


(Whiteboards, furniture, capacities, room set-ups etc.)

Telephone: (0117) 42 18016 or 18017

Maintenance Services

(Faulty radiators, windows, lights etc)

Telephone: 0117 331 6765 ex 16765

Email: maintenance-help@bristol.ac.uk

Website: Maintenance Services

Additional emergency numbers

First Aid: 0117 331 0555 / internal 10555

Security: 0117 928 7848 / internal 87848

Fire: 999 / internal 11233

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