Re/Play accessibility

Re/Play is a great tool for students with disabilities, as the technology can support studies in a very flexible and manageable way.

In the first instance, all requests must come from the School Disability Coordinator (SDC). Please note that where the flowcharts indicate 'Service Desk', SDCs should contact The following processes have been developed in partnership with Disability Services and School Disability Co-ordinators.

For students for whom captioning is recommended, the Disability Co-ordinator will:

  1. Establish which units for the student are in equipped spaces
  2. Discuss with the Unit Directors and academics
  3. Email with the unit codes

Co-ordinators need to make the requests each year. Students identified in previous years will now be studying new modules. For questions on the recommendations for students, please contact

Further developments

We want to ensure Re/Play is accessible to all students and staff, therefore if you have any comments or suggestions on this page or any other accessibility issue surrounding the project, please email or visit Disability Services.