Planning electronic submission, marking and feedback

Before starting to plan check with your School admin team if there is an existing online submission and marking workflow. Guidance on supported and recommended workflows.

Careful planning and preparation is recommended when introducing electronic submission and electronic marking. This is likely to involve the following stages:

  1. Rationale
  2. Planning
  3. Setup
  4. Implementation
  5. Evaluation

A range of people take part in e-submission and e-marking including academic and administrative staff, so it is important that they are involved  in the initial planning.  The Digital Education Office has considerable experience in this area and can help with planning.


Questions for consideration at this stage are:


As part of your planning you will need to consider:



In this phase you will:


Activities during this stage will include:


Gather staff and student feedback What went well? Were the objectives met? What could be improved next time?