Play more/learn more: Extending the Re/Play service

I find it a lot easier to learn when I can pause and rewind.'  YBS 2017 survey comment.

Project Outline

In response to both student and staff demand the University is investing in extending and improving Re/Play and the way we use it. 

The project commenced in September 2017. The Digital Education Office are working with colleagues in IT Services and LFM to extend the installation of automated recording technology in large teaching spaces. We are also developing solutions to improve parity of provision across disciplines. Acadmeic staff have access to funding and support to enable them to create media resources using the technology outside of the scheduled capture of lectures. 

The Re/Play expansion supports the following University strategic objectives: 


The project aims to:

Project Timescales

The project will run from September 2017 to September 2018. The support for innovation will continue beyond the closure of the other elements of the project.

Further information

Work is underway to equip all remaining centrally supported lecture rooms with capacity over 30. A number of installations were completed over Christmas 17/18.

Several innovation projects are in progress, in the Schools of Education, Mathematics, Dentistry and Engineering, with the aims of adding teaching presence to to an overseas course, producing peer instructional materials, providing feedback to students and ‘flipping’ the classroom.

Additionally, a focus group (including students and teachers from across the University) will consider best practice for camera use for recording classroom activities, mathematical proofs, drawings, diagrams. The group will also explore the value and practice of capturing learning and teaching in labs, seminars and other spaces/activities outside the traditional lecture theatre.

This work, to be completed in 2018, builds on the success of the original project (1.5 million hours were viewed in 2016/17), as well as recent service improvements. For example, did you know you can now play recordings at double speed? The project also anticipates the potential offered in the next version of the software, which features self-test quiz questions and note taking facilities.

If you are would like to be involved, please contact