Blackboard Basics Webinar

24 October 2019, 3.00 PM - 24 October 2019, 3.30 PM

Daniel Wilson


Blackboard is the University of Bristol’s centrally supported Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Blackboard provides a range of tools for communication, collaboration, and assessment as well as offering an online area to share resources like course notes and reading lists. This webinar will provide an introduction to Blackboard’s tools and features.

The aim of this webinar is to provide a concise overview of the tools and features of Blackboard, enable participants to be in a position to create their own courses and share ideas on how Blackboard can be used to support learning and teaching based on examples from the University of Bristol.

By the end of the webinar participants will be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Know what Blackboard is
  • Know how it is used at Bristol
  • Know about different types of course
  • Access Blackboard
  • Enrol users in a course
  • Add, delete and edit content
  • Preview courses from students’ perspective
  • Make announcements
  • Access further help

This course is intended for all staff who are new to Blackboard or wish to refresh their knowledge.

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