Guidance for Academic Personal Tutoring during circumstances where in person teaching is suspended

The aim of this document is to help academic personal tutors support their tutees during this period of their study.

What do I need to do?

As with other teaching and learning activities, the University’s position is to move face-to-face personal tutoring (including group and one-to-ones) to online or phone. There is no expectation that personal tutors will respond to students outside of normal working hours.

We need to ensure that the support students experience is consistent with what they have already experienced. Doing this will also help you to maintain the relationship you have developed with your tutees as they approach their assessments and then their transition into the following year or into their next steps in or beyond higher education.

How might I do this?

Students with specific queries about the University’s response to coronavirus should be directed to the University’s coronavirus page to ensure consistent messaging.

Signpost tutees to online resources that are available to support them, such as your school or department’s Blackboard pages. The study skills team are producing a specific resource to support students’ online learning. This complements their other online resources that are also available on the study skills tab on Blackboard.

What else do I need to think about?

Any unexpected and/or prolonged enforced absence from campus may have a significant impact on the wellbeing of your tutees. They may feel isolated, cut off from regular sources of information such as direct access to their tutors, and social ties and informal support they routinely get from interaction with their peers. Wellbeing support for students is available at:

If you have concerns about a student contact your senior tutor for advice.

Students with Disability Support Summaries (DSS) and/or disclosed ongoing extenuating circumstances may be concerned about how the suspension on in person teaching will affect the support to which they are entitled. More information on how we can support these students can be found at:

International students with questions about how the suspension of in person teaching affects their tier 4 visa should be directed towards the student visa office. They are open Monday-Friday from 1:30 - 4 pm on 5 Tyndall Avenue, or can be contacted by e-mail at or by phoning 0117 92 88188.

Key points


Thank you to the senior tutors in Computer Science and Modern Languages whose handbook and ‘Keeping in touch’ guide have informed this document.

Information has also been taken from the Jisc guide - Ensuring continuity of learning during enforced absence.