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Funding success for Oral Microbiology research group

blue and pink micrograph image which looks like a bright crackling galaxy

Widefield micrograph showing eDNA stranding (pink) as part of a Streptococcus gordonii biofilm (blue)

29 January 2019

Dr Angela Nobbs, in collaboration with Dr Mark Jepson (University of Bristol Wolfson Bioimaging Facility) and Dr Nick Jakubovics (Newcastle University), has recently been awarded a £239k grant from the Dunhill Medical Trust.

This two-year project builds on the programme of work within the Oral Microbiology group focused on the role of oral biofilms in health and disease. Specifically, this project will explore the strategy of targeting extracellular DNA (eDNA) within polymicrobial biofilms as an approach to control periodontitis.

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