ACCIS / NCC joint seminar series: Research with a Purpose

14 December 2011, 3.30 PM - 14 December 2011, 3.30 PM

Speaker: Dr Dan Kells (National Composites Centre) | Venue: LT 1.18, QB

Speaker: Dr Dan Kells, Research Manager, National Composites Centre

Venue: Lecture Theatre 1.18, Queen's Building

In today's cash strapped times engineering and scientific research is less often government funded and more often funded by industry or by a partnership between industry and government.  Industry reports through its bottom line to its shareholders and can only justify funding research where it ultimately leads to better products and more profit. Thus curiosity driven research has been replaced by application led research. Moreover many large industries have dismantled their own dedicated research centres in favour of partnerships with universities or RTOs.

However even with this technology pull approach, most research never reaches full maturity.  This presentation discusses exploitation by the use of two case studies and explains why centres such as the NCC provide the best chance for successful technology exploitation.

NCC seminar logoThe ACCIS/National Composites Centre joint seminar series facilitates knowledge exchange across the two centres, coordinated by Dr Dmitry Ivanov.


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