Composites curriculum unit descriptions

The proposed curriculum, constructed by experts from a variety of UK institutions, is intended to be both industrially relevant and academically rigorous. The intention is that the developed curriculum could be delivered in academia or deployed through a train-the-trainer programme in industry; organisations can choose the units most relevant to their business and deliver them as new recruit training or Continuous Professional Development. There may also be an option for individuals to build up credits towards an academic qualification.

Unit Portfolio

There are 5 core units which serve as an introduction to advanced composites. The 54 specialised units, directly relevant to design and manufacture of composite products in industry, are split into 9 blocks of 6, by topic. Each unit involves 2 days of teaching and an optional assignment, worth 2 credit points at Masters level.

An organisation can choose either a full course structure or individual units to fit their requirements.

Core (5 units)

Materials (6 units)

Product Design A (6 units)

Product Design B (6 units)

Manufacturing Processes A (6 units)

Manufacturing Processes B (6 units) 

Manufacturing Operations A (6 units) 

Manufacturing Operations B (6 units) 

Performance A (6 units) 

Performance B (6 units)

Course structure

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