Sarah Smith

Areas of application

  • Analysis of the effects of policy reform (recent examples include welfare reform, changes in school leaving ages)
  • Modelling individual behaviour, including fertility, health, retirement, charitable giving and subjective well-being
  • Intergenerational transmission

Methodological interests

  • Policy/programme evaluation: difference-in-differences, instrumental variables and other "natural experiments"
  • Analysis of panel data and cohort data
  • Cost-benefit analysis

Example PhD topics

  • Modelling the effect of childbearing on women's subjective well-being, looking at birth-order and gender effects and taking account of selection issues.
  • Estimating the causal impacts of early life experiences on later life outcomes, using alternative approaches to identification, including
    1. biomedical innovation
    2. policy reform,
    3. recession
  • Looking at social interactions in charitable giving: for example, generational patterns in pro-social behaviour (cohort patterns in giving, volunteering and voting); and comparing the UK and US. Data sources include the Justgiving website which has multiple donations to the same individual fundraiser
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