Dr David Naafs

Picture of David Naafs

Lecturer & Royal Society Tata University Research Fellow

I’m an organic geochemist, specialized in using organic geochemical techniques to investigate climatic and biogeochemical processes in ancient and modern environments.  My approach is based on the application of isotopic and organic mass spectrometry to answer long-term standing questions at the heart of poorly understood processes and mechanisms that drive changes in climate and biogeochemistry during the geological past. The applications are broad, but in general fall into three themes: understanding the mechanisms behind (abrupt) climate change during the Plio/Pleistocene, reconstructing the dynamics of biogeochemical cycles during oceanic anoxic events (OAEs) of the Mesozoic, and developing novel organic-geochemical proxies to reconstruct wetland climate and biogeochemistry.

Further details and an overview of my research may be found on my personal website. A current copy of my CV is also available.

Further details of publications can be found in the University of Bristol publications system

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