The mass accommodation of water at the surface of aqueous aerosol

In this project, we are examining the fundamental process of molecular adsorption at a gas-liquid surface by measuring with nanometre resolution the deposition of water molecules onto a liquid surface. We are also resolving the time-dependent size of a droplet during evaporation or condensation and the influence of organic surface films on the evaporation kinetics. These experiments are designed to improve our understanding of the formation of clouds from aerosol particles in the atmosphere.

For examples, see:

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J.F. Davies, R.E. H. Miles, A.E. Haddrell and J.P. Reid, 'The Influence of Organic Films on the Evaporation and Condensation of Water in Aerosol', Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (2013) 8807-8812 - pdf

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