Heterogeneous chemistry and oxidative aging

We are examining the heterogeneous chemistry and aging of aerosol, particularly focussing on the oxidation of hydrophobic organic components in aerosol by ozone. We can monitor simultaneously the reaction of organic reactants from the disappearance of Raman signatures, the evolution of semi-volatile organic products into the gas phase by change in particle size, the hygroscopicity of the aerosol when exposed to high humidity and the change in optical properties through change in refractive index.

For examples, see:

B.J. Dennis-Smither, F.H. Marshall, R.E.H. Miles, T.C. Preston and J.P. Reid, 'Volatility and Oxidative Ageing of Aqueous Maleic Acid Aerosol Droplets and the Dependence on Relative Humidity', J. Phys. Chem. A. 118 (2014) 5680-5691 - pdf

B.J. Dennis-Smither, R.E.H. Miles and J.P. Reid, 'Oxidative Aging of Mixed Oleic Acid/Sodium Chloride Aerosol Particles', Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres 117 (2012) D20204 - pdf

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