We have active collaborations with the following research groups.

Prof. Simon Clegg  (University of East Anglia):  We collaborate with Simon on studies of aerosol hygroscopicity and the vapour pressures of organic compounds.

Dr. Lea Ann Dailey  and Dr.  Darragh Murnane  (KCL and University of Hertfordshire):  With Lea Ann (biomedical science) and Darragh (pharmacy), we are working to understand the rates of hygroscopic aerosol growth with a particular focus on better understanding the processes underlying the delivery of  drugs to the lungs.

Dr. Andrew Hudson  (University of Leicester):  Using aerosol tweezing, we are working with Andrew to better understand aerosol coalescence.

Dr. Uli Krieger  (ETH Zurich, Switzerland):  With Uli and Thomas Peter, we are examining the factors that control water transport in amorphous and glassy atmospheric aerosol.

Prof. Gordon McFiggans  and Dr. David Topping (University of Manchester):  We collaborate with the Manchester group to better understand the properties of atmospheric aerosol, improving our understanding of mass accommodation, hygroscopicity, vapour pressures and phase behaviour.

Dr. David McGloin  (University of St. Andrews):  We have worked with David to develop aerosol optical tweezing and optical manipulation techniques.

Dr Ben Murray  (University of Leeds):  Ben's interests are in amorphous aerosol and we have worked with the Leeds group to understand water transport in viscous aerosol.

Professor Andrew Orr-Ewing  (University of Bristol):  Andrew and Jonathan have worked together for many years to develop optical techniques for measuring light extinction by single aerosol particles.

Dr. Christian Pfrang  (University of Reading):  Heterogeneous reaction kinetics can be measured in the lab and we are working with Christian to develop models to interpret measurements.

Prof. Ilona Riipinen  (Stockholm University, Sweden):  We are working with Ilona to improve our understanding of interfacial transport on aerosol particles, particularly mass accommodation.

Prof. Ruth Signorell  (ETH Zurich, Switzerland):  We collaborate with Ruth to develop bessel beams to study processes in single particles under conditions relevant to planetary atmospheres.

Prof. Ryan Sullivan  (Carnegie-Mellon University, USA):  We are working with Ryan to apply aerosol optical tweezers to studies in ice clouds.

Prof. Akihiro Yabushita  (Kyoto University, Japan):  We collaborate with Akihiro to look at the heterogeneous oxidation of iodide containing aerosol, studying reaction kinetics and product branching.

Prof. Yun-Hong Zhang  (Beijing Institute of Technology, China):  We have collaborated with Yun-Hong for many years, developing laboratory based approaches to study aerosol processes, including applications of aerosol optical tweezers, micro-Raman spectroscopy and FTIR spectroscopy.

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