Publications 2019


F.K.A. Gregson, M. Ordoubadi, R.E.H. Miles, A.E. Haddrell, D. Barona, D. Lewis, T. Church, R. Vehring and J.P. Reid, 'Studies of competing evaporation rates of multiple volatile components from a single binary-component aerosol droplet', Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 21 (2019) 9709 - 9719. pdf

M. Ordoubadi, F.K.A. Gregson, O. Melhem, D. Barona, R.E.H. Miles, D. D’SaSandra, G.D. Lechuga-Ballesteros, J.P. Reid, W.H. Finlay and R. Vehring, 'Multi-Solvent Microdroplet Evaporation: Modeling and Measurement of Spray-Drying Kinetics with Inhalable Pharmaceutics', Pharmaceutical Research 36 (2019) 100. pdf

O.-P. Tikkanen, V. Hämäläinen, G. Rovelli, A. Lipponen, M. Shiraiwa, J.P. Reid, K.E.J. Lehtinen and T. Yli-Juuti, 'Optimization of process models for determining volatility distribution and viscosity of organic aerosols from isothermal particle evaporation data', Atmos. Chem. and Phys. (2019) . pdf

G. Rovelli, Y.-C. Song, A.M. Maclean, D.O. Topping, A.K. Bertram and J.P. Reid, 'Comparison of Approaches for Measuring and Predicting the Viscosity of Ternary Component Aerosol Particles', Analytical Chemistry 91 (2019) 5074-5082. pdf 

B.R. Bzdek and J.S. Walker, 'Vibrational Spectroscopy of Individual Aerosol Droplets by Optical Tweezers', Spectroscopy 34 (2019) 22-31. pdf

R.E.H. Miles, M.W.J. Glerum, H.C. Boyer, J.S. Walker, C.S. Dutcher and B.R. Bzdek, 'Surface Tensions of Picoliter Droplets with Sub-Millisecond Surface Age', J. Phys. Chem. A 123 (2019) 3021–3029. pdf

A. MarshG. RovelliR.E.H. Miles and J.P. Reid, 'Complexity of Measuring and Representing the Hygroscopicity of Mixed Component Aerosol',  J. Phys. Chem. A (2019) in press. pdf

M. Fernandez, R. Thomas, N. Garton, A. Hudson, A. Haddrell and J. Reid, 'Assessing the Airborne Survival of Bacteria in Populations of Aerosol Droplets with a Novel Technology', Journal of the Royal Society Interface 16 (20019) 20180779. pdf

T.J. Bannan, M. Le Breton, M. Priestley, S.D. Worrall, A. Bacak, N.A. Marsden, A. Merha, J. Hammes, M. Hallquist, M.R. Alfarra, U.K. Krieger, J.P. Reid, J. Jayne, W. Robinson, G. McFiggans, H. Coe, C.J. Percival and D.O. Topping, 'A method for extracting calibrated volatility information from the FIGAERO-HR-ToF-CIMS and its application to chamber and field studies', Atmospheric Measurement Techniques (2019) in discussion. pdf

F. K. A. GregsonJ. F. RobinsonR. E. H. MilesC. P. Royall and J. P. Reid'The Drying Kinetics of Salt Solution Droplets: Water Evaporation Rates and Crystallisation', J. Phys. Chem. B 123 (2019) 266-276. pdf

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