News - Pre-2010

November 9th 2009

Dr. Allen Haddrell joins the group as a PDRA from UCLA, US, where he held an NSERC (Canada) Research Fellowship.

November 19th 2009

Jason Butler completes his PhD.

October 30th 2009

JPR and Prof. Andrew Orr-Ewing have been awarded a new grant from the NERC Technologies programme.

October 27th 2009

Rachael Miles has completed her PhD with Prof. Paul Kaye acting as external examiner.

October 21st 2009

Frontiers invited article published in Chemical Physics Letters.

October 1st 2009

Dr. Toni Carruthers has joined the group as a PDRA, joining us from the Optical Tweezing group at the University of St. Andrews. Ben Dennis-Smither and Jim Walker have joined the group as graduate students and Hai-Jie Tong joins as a visiting Chinese scholar.

October 1st 2009

Helena Meresman has completed her PhD to become Dr. Meresman.

June 19th 2009

Jonathan has been promoted to Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Bristol, effective from 1st August 2009.

May 27th 2009

Kerry Knox has successfully defended her PhD thesis to become Dr. Knox.

April 15th 2009

Jonathan has been made a Visiting Professor of the Beijing Institute of Technology for 2009-2012.

March 1st 2009

March marked the start of a 5 year project funded by the EPSRC, supporting JPR through a Leadership Fellowship.

January 5th 2009

Dr. Liangyu Wang arrives from the Beijing Institute of Technology for a 6 month visit.

January 5th 2009

The group is advertising two postdoctoral research associate vacancies to start after March 2009.

January 5th 2009

The group is advertising two PhD studentships to start in October 2009.

December 2008

Paper on manipulating and characterising arrays of aerosol droplets published in Lab on a Chip.

July 2008

JPR has been awarded a Leadership Fellowship by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

February 2008

Our recent paper 'Direct measurements of the axial displacement and evolving size of optically trapped aerosol droplets' has been chosen to appear in the Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics (JOPA) annual highlights collection.

January 2008

Dr. Nana Kwamena joins the group as post-doctoral research assistant funded by NSERC (Canada). She completed her PhD in the group of Prof. Jon Abbatt, University of Toronto, in 2007.

December 2007

Professor Yun-Hong Zhang from the Beijing Institute of Technology starts a five-month long visit with the group.

October 2007

Dr. Jon Wills joins the group as a postdoctoral research assistant, Eyad Al-Samra and Graham Hargreaves as graduate students and Caroline Berry and Rupert Miller as undergraduate project students.

8th to 14th September 2007

Jason and Rachael attend the European Aerosol Conference in Salzburg. Jason presented a talk titled Simultaneous Characterisation and Manipulation of Aerosol Particles and Rachael presented a poster.

13th July 2007

Rachael is awarded the Bristol ChemLabS Postgraduate Teaching Prize, recognising the high quality of her demonstrating.

2nd to 4th July 2007

The School of Chemistry hosts Faraday Discussion 137: the Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Microparticles, co-chaired by Jonathan. Rachael is awarded the Skinner prize for the best poster.

July 2007

Tara Kahan from the research group of Professor James Donaldson visits for three weeks to carry out some experiments with us.

June to August 2007

Kerry travels to Japan to work with Professor Noboru Kitamura at Hokkaido University, funded by a fellowship awarded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

22nd May 2007

The group attends the department's Colloid Research Day. Rachael and Kerry shared first prize in the second year poster competition and Adèle and Kate shared first prize in the first year poster competition.

20th April 2007

Congratulations to Jariya who passed her PhD viva today.

4th to 9th February 2007

Laura and Kerry attend the ESF Trends in Optical Micromanipulation conference in the mountain resort of Obergurgl, Austria. Laura gave a talk and Kerry presented a poster.

30th November to 1st December 2006

Laura gives a talk at the DDL17 pharmaceutical conference in Edinburgh: Characterising the hygroscopic properties of aerosol particles using optical tweezers coupled with cavity enhanced Raman scattering (L. Mitchem, J. Buajarern, H. Meresman and J. P. Reid).

23rd October 2006

Daniel Burnham from the University of St. Andrews visits the group to lend his expertise to our new Spatial Light Modulator.

2nd October 2006

Kate Hanford and Adèle Laurain join the group as graduate students and Thomas Brenda and Stephanie Jones as final-year project students.

21st September 2006

Paper on controlling and probing the coagulation of aerosol droplets published in the Journal of Chemical Physics.

20th September 2006

Kerry has started to act as a mentor for school pupils studying science, through the Researchers in Residence scheme.

10th to 15th September 2006

Jariya attends the 7th International aerosol conference in St. Paul, Minnesota, presenting a poster: Kinetics, Thermodynamics and Coagulation Studies of Manipulated Inorganic/Organic Aqueous Aerosol Droplets.

June 2006

Kate wins the DuPont prize for the Chemistry with Study in North America course for her excellent exam results.

5th May 2006

Today Doug Worsnop of Aerodyne Research, Inc. visited the group.

28th March 2006

Today Kerry won the prize for the best first year poster at the Hewlett-Packard PhD Research Day. The poster was titled Absorbing Aerosol in the Atmosphere.

23rd March 2006

We would like to congratulate Ellen Moon, one of our undergraduate project students, for her success in picking up a Physical and Theoretical sector prize for her undergraduate oral presentation.

16th February 2006

Kerry and Marc borrow a Millikan oil drop experiment from the Physics Department in order to investigate electrostatic trapping of our nebulised aerosol flows.

January 2006

This month Chris has acted as a mentor for school pupils studying science, through the Researchers in Residence scheme.

11th-13th January 2006

Marc Guillon from Laboratoire d'Interférométrie Stellaire et Exoplanétaire in France visits the group to work with our optical tweezer systems.

1st October 2005

Jason Butler, Kerry Knox and Rachael Miles join the group as graduate students and Kate Hanford, Marc Ingram and Ellen Moon as final year project students.

6th September 2005

Our latest work on droplet evaporation has been published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A. The paper, entitled 'Evaporation of Ethanol/Water Droplets: Examining the Temporal Evolution of Droplet Size, Composition and Temperature' can be found here.

5th July 2005

An EPSRC-funded graduate studentship is available to start in October 2005. The project will concentrate on optical techniques for manipulating arrays of aerosol droplets.

10th May 2005

Today was the day of the Colloid Group Postgraduate Research Day, consisting of a variety of presentations and a poster session. Chris Homer, one of our first year PhD students, won first prize in the first year poster category with a poster entitled 'Characterisation of Aqueous Aerosol Droplets: Studies of Mass Transfer Dynamics and Coagulation'.

3rd May 2005

Dr. Svemir Rudic has started as a post doctoral researcher in the group. He completed his PhD in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol and also undertook post doctoral research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before joining us. He will be investigating the optical properties of aerosol particles by cavity ringdown spectroscopy.

2nd May 2005

We would like to congratulate our undergraduate project students for their success in the Hewlett Packard Undergraduate Oral Presentations in the Molecular Sciences group. Nicola Howe won first prize with a talk entitled 'Optical Tweezing of Aerosols', and Anna Frost was highly commended for her presentation 'The study of ammonia uptake onto water droplets using Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) and Cavity Enhanced Raman Scattering (CERS)'.

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