News - 2018

December 14th 2018

Congratulations to Rose Willoughby who successfully defended her PhD today and is now Dr. Willoughby!

November 15th 2018

Welcome to Dr. Justice Archer who joins the group as a post-doctoral research assistant, working on the EPSRC funded Formulations project focused on droplet drying. Welcome also to Lilly Manzoni who returns to the group to begin to study for a PhD after completing her MRes.

November 8th 2018

Congratulations to Mara Otero Fernandez and Stephen Ingram of the aerosol group who received awards for the Best Student Oral Presentation and Best Poster, respectively, at the recent Annual Conference of the UK and Ireland Aerosol Society in Birmingham, making it a Bristol clean sweep! Mara's spoke on "Understanding the Fundamentals of Airborne Disease Dynamics" and Stephen's poster was "Probing the Partitioning of Water and Secondary Organic Matter Using Optically Trapped Single Particles".

November 7th 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Aleksandra Marsh, formerly of the aerosol group, who received the Best Doctoral Thesis Prize from the Aerosol Society for her thesis "Hygroscopic Response and Reactivity of Compositionally Complex Aqueous-Organic Aerosol".

September 24th 2018

Welcome to Daniel Hardy, Lara Lalemi and Henry Oswin who join the group to study for their PhDs.

August 31st 2018

Congratulations to Lilly Manzoni who successfully defended her MRes thesis today.

June 6th 2018

Congratulations to Aleksandra (Aleks) Marsh who successfully defended her PhD today with no corrections required!

April 13th 2018

Congratulations to Young Chul Song who successfully defended his PhD today is now Dr. Young!

April 11th 2018

See a video  about our recent paper on aerosol optical properties measurements using cavity ring-down spectroscopy and a Bessel beam optical trap.

March 23rd 2018

Jonathan Reid, Postdoctoral Research Associate Grazia Rovelli and collaborators from the Universities of Manchester, Birmingham, British Columbia, and Purdue, Harvard and North Carolina in the USA for their paper in Nature Communications entitled ‘The Viscosity of Atmospherically Relevant Organic Particles’ which provides an assessment of the viscosity and phase state of atmospheric aerosol particles, and considers the potential impacts of particle viscosity on air quality, health and climate change.

January 8th 2018

Working the Aerosol Society, JPR co-hosts a partner engagement day at the University of Hertfordshire with Prof. Darragh Murnane and Dr. Adam Boies. More than 50 representatives from industry, government and the public sector attended to discuss the role of aerosol science in disciplines as broad ranging as environmental change, materials production, consumer products, inhalation therapies and security.

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