News - 2016

November 1st 2016

Welcome to Nicholas Rothfuss who joins the group for a 3 week visit from North Carolina State University. Nicholas works with Markus Petters at NCSU and is visiting on a joint project funded by the NERC International Opportunities Fund focused on better quantifying the hygroscopic response of aerosol.

October 12th 2016

Congratulations to Fran Marshall who has defended her PhD thesis. She first joined the group as a project student in 2011.

October 1st 2016

Welcome to new group members joining the group. Flo Gregson is starting a PhD in droplet drying and formulation science. Lilly Manzoni is starting a MRes in aerosol sampling and analysis. Antonio Valenzuela Gutierrez is joiinng the group as a MSC Independent Research Fellow working on the optical properties of aerosol.

June 27th 2016

Allen and Jonathan have contributed to a programme on BBC4 airing on Tuesday 28th June at 9pm on the history of DSTL and Porton Down, "Inside Porton Down". See this news item at "Inside Britain's secret weapons research facility" on the BBC website.


They helped illustrate the dispersal of aerosol with a simple demonstration using aerosol monitoring equipment usually used in the level 3 teaching lab. Allen travelled up to the infamous "Anthrax Island" off the north west coast of Scotland with Michael Moseley and the film crew.

April 18th 2016

Dr. Richard Thomas begins work with the Bristol aerosol group funded by a DSTL Scholarship. Richard will spend 30 % of his time over 3 years working with the Bristol group to develop new tools to look at bioaerosol and the viability of microorganisms in the aerosol phase.

February 22nd 2016

Along with Colin Bain (University of Durham) and Andrew Bayley (University of Leeds), Jonathan Reid has received funding from the EPSRC Future Formulation of Complex Products call. Entitled "Evaporative Drying of Droplets and the Formation of Micro-structured and Functional Particles and Films", the project involves collaborations with a team of 14 industrial partners. The project aims to understand the effect which drying has on controlling the final properties to dried materials from drops to films and hence allow control through formulation. With total funding of £2.27 million, the Bristol team will receive ~£800k for this 4 year project. More information about the other projects funded can be found in the RSC press release.  

January 29th 2016

JPR recieves news that a PhD studentship has been funded by the NERC National Centre for Atmospheric Science to examine "Synergistic Effects in the Airborne Transmission of Disease Internally Mixed with Primary and Secondary Organic Aerosol". This project will involve collaborators from DSTL.

January 22nd 2016

Dr. Antonio Valenzuela secures a Marie SkĊodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship from the European Commision to work on a project on the optical properties of atmospheric aerosols. The project will start in October 2016 for 2 years. Antonio will join the Bristol team from the University of Granada, Spain.

January 12th 2016

Dr. Su Yongyang joins the group as a post-doctoral visitor from the Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology, Xi’an, P. R. China. He will work at BARC for 1 year. 

January 1st 2016

In December 2015, Mr. Hongze Lin joined the group as a post-graduate visiting researcher from the Department of Optical Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. He will visit the group for 6 months. Andrew Rickards also successfully defended his thesis and was awarded a PhD. Congratulations, Andrew!

January 1st 2016

JPR is awarded a grant from the Natural Environment Research Council by the International Opportunities Fund programme. This is a collaborative grant with Dr. David Topping, University of Manchester, and is entitled: "International network for coordinating work on the physicochemical properties of molecules and mixtures important for atmospheric particulate matter". Towards the end of 2015, JPR also received news of an award of an EPSRC iCASE award for a joint project with researchers at DSTL, with the title: "Real-time sampling and identification of airborne chemicals using optical tweezers".

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