News - 2015

October 1st 2015

Stephen Ingram and Dr. Charlotte Beddoes join the group working on glassy aerosol and a contract from Steer Energy.

September 14th 2015

Bryan Bzdek is awarded a prize for best poster at the European Aerosol Conference in Milan, Italy, entitled "Quantitative and Simultaneous Determination of the Surface Tension and Viscosity of Airborne Microdroplets". The EAC is one of the largest annual international aerosol conferences with over 1000 attendees this year.

September 7th 2015

Mara Otero-Fernandez joins the group as a research assistant to develop new tools to investigate the viability of bioaerosol using novel single particle techniques. 

September 1st 2015

NERC have awarded a grant from the International Opportunities Fund to JPR and Prof. Simon Clegg to work with Prof. Markus Petters (North Carolina State University, USA) to host workshops and research visits on the topic of an "Improved Representation of Atmospheric Aerosol Hygroscopicity".

June 3rd 2015

The Aerosol Society has awarded a small grant to Dr. Allen Haddrell in support of work to determine the traits that regulate the length of time a microorganism remains viable while in a suspended aerosol, as a function of atmospheric conditions.

April 28th 2015

The development of the commercial aerosol optical tweezers instrument has been highlighted in the Electronic Specifier Product magazine.

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