News - 2013

October 28th 2013

JPR receives news of a successfully securing funding through an EPSRC application on "New Frontiers in Aerosol Particle Measurements". The grant will support a post-doctoral researcher for 3 years to look at aerosol particle interactions and coalescence.

October 18th 2013

The development of a commercial aerosol optical tweezers instrument with Biral is proceeding rapidly. Find out more here.

October 3rd 2013

JPR gives plenary lecture at the 32nd American Association for Aerosol Research conference in Portland, Oregon, entitled 'Studying Aerosol Processes, One Particle at a Time'.

September 23rd 2013

Young Song joins the group as a postgraduate student. Young previously undertook his MSc research in atmospheric aerosols in the Department of Chemistry at Inha University, South Korea.

September 2nd 2013

Toni Carruthers leaves Bristol to start her appointment as a lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at Newcastle University. Find out more here.

July 4th 2013

Michael Cotterell receives the news that he has been awarded a CN Davies award from the Aerosol Society for his postgraduate research.

July 4th 2013

Rory Power is awarded 1st Prize for his talk at the symposium of final year graduate students in Colloid Science. Chen Cai is awarded a prize for his 2nd year student poster.

July 1st 2013

Peter Mardle joins the group for a few weeks as an undergraduate project student, working with Michael Cotterell on the Bessel beam.

June 13th 2013

Ben Dennis-Smither successfully defends his PhD thesis to become Dr. Dennis-Smither. Congratulations, Ben!

June 10th 2013

Bed Laidlaw joins the group to undertake his extended project for his MSc in the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials.

May 23rd 2013

Dr. Cari Dutcher arrives to work with the group for a few weeks. She is currently as post-doc working with Prof. Tony Wexler and Prof. Simon Clegg at UC-Davies and will shortly take up a position at the University of Minnesota.

May 21st 2013

Our paper on the influence of organic films on the evaporation of water from aerosol droplets has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. In this paper, we show that condensed organic films can significantly limit the rate of water transport across the interfacial region of an aerosol droplet, suppressing evaporation rates by up to 5 orders of magnitude. See the paper here.

April 22nd 2013

Jim Walker successfully defends his PhD thesis to become Dr. Walker. Congratulations, Jim!

April 19th 2013

Allen Haddrell is awarded an independent Fellowship by the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research to investigate the control of the hygroscopic growth of therapeutic aerosols in the respiratory tract for targeted drug deposition in the lung.

April 18th 2013

JPR receives the news that he has been awarded the 2013 Royal Society of Chemistry Corday-Morgan prize for his 'outstanding achievements in the study of physical and chemical properties of aerosol particles'. The prize is awarded annually for the most meritorious contributions to chemistry by a scientist of age 40 or under.

April 15th 2013

Our paper on 'The Transition from Liquid to Solid-Like Behaviour in Ultrahigh Viscosity Aerosol Particles' has been published as an advanced article on the Chemical Science website. In this manuscript, we show that we can measure the viscosity of particles over a range of 12 orders of magnitude by probing the relaxation time of two droplets following coalescence. See the paper here.

March 1st 2013

Thomas Preston hears the good news that he has been appointed as an Assistant Professor at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. He will take up this position at the conclusion of his NSERC fellowship in summer 2014.

February 1st 2013

The group receive joint funding with Biral through an EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award to develop a commercial aerosol optical tweezers instrument. The project will commence on May 1st and will last for 15 months. Jim Walker will take up a post-doctoral researcher position on the project to lead the development.

January 5th 2013

Jim Walker has won an Outstanding Student Paper Award for his poster at the recent American Geophysical Union conference in San Francisco.

January 5th 2013

The Bristol Aerosol Research Centre is launched in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol. The selection of images show the development of the space from the original space through to completion. The objective of the Centre is to use novel techniques to study aerosol processes, ranging from fundamental processes at gas-liquid surfaces to the optical properties of aerosol, their heterogeneous aging, and applications in drug delivery to the lungs and spray drying. BARC is based in newly refurbished laboratory and office space. The Centre is home to twelve single particle experiments, using light or charge to isolate individual particles and a range of spectroscopic tools for characterising the trapped particles.

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