News - 2012

November 1st 2012

Toni Carruthers is appointed as a lecturer in the School of Chemistry, University of Newcastle. She will take up her new position in summer 2013.

October 1st 2012

Frances Marshall and Michael Cotterell both join the group as new graduate students.

September 10th 2012

Dr. David Stewart has joined the group as a post-doctoral research assistant. He has previously worked in the groups of Dr. Tony Cox (Cambridge) and Prof. George Marston (Reading) as well as working on the FAAM aircraft. Chen Cai also joins the group as a visiting student (funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council) and will work in Bristol for 2 years.

July 3rd 2012

In collaboration with Dr. Uli Krieger and Daniel Lienhard at ETH-Zurich, we have published an article on the limitations of water transport in glassy aerosol in PNAS. Click here for the press release and here for the article.

June 11th 2012

Dr. Thomas Preston has joined the group as a post-doctoral research assistant. Initially funded by the EPSRC, he will be supported as an NSERC (Canadian research council) fellow from September 2012. Thomas recently completed his PhD in the group of Prof. Ruth Signorell, University of British Columbia.

May 2nd 2012

The Aerosol Dynamics group have been awarded a capital investment grant to establish the Bristol Aerosol Research Centre. The funding will allow the refurbishment of new office and laboratory space in which the research centre will be based.

April 30th 2012

The Aerosol Dynamics group have received funding through an institutional support grant to investigate non-linear phenomena in spherical droplets, specifically four-wave mixing. This is in collaboration with Dr. Martin Cryan (Engineering) and Dr. Ian Lindsay (Physics). The post-doc funded on the project is Dr. Stephen Simpson.

March 23rd 2012

An application to the EPSRC has been funded, in support of JPR's Leasdership Fellowship. This new project, led by Dr. Toni Carruthers, will explore the potential of using aerosols for control over chemical reactions. Reactions  will be studied in arrays of aerosol droplets using holographic optical tweezing, in a fast EDB, and in an aerosol flow reactor. This project is in collaboration with Dr. Simon Hall (Bristol), Prof. Kevin Booker-Milburn (Bristol) and Dr. David Fox (Warwick).

March 13th 2012

A NERC Analytical Science Trust Fund Studentship has been awarded to the group to develop a prototype Bessel beam/Cavity ringdown instrument for measuring the optical properties of single accumulation mode aerosol particles, which will allow the evolving properties to be explored over an indefinite timeframe.

March 1st 2012

Rachael secures funding for an EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Secondment with Biral , a company that specialises in the development of meteorological, particle, aerosol and biodetection instrumentation. This project will explore the potential for developing a commercial aerosol optical tweezers instrument.

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