January 31st 2019

EPSRC make the formal announcement of the award of new Centres for Doctoral Training, including one in aerosol science. The new Centre for Aerosol Science will be led by Jonathan Reid as Director, with Bristol acting as the CDT hub. Jonathan will lead a team of 9 co-investigators and 35 academic supervisors at the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Imperial College London, Leeds and Manchester. With funding support of £6.4M from the EPSRC, matched with over £7.7M from the university, industrial and public sector partners, the CDT in Aerosol Science will contribute significantly to establishing the UK’s place as a world-leading location for aerosol research.

Read the press release from the UK and Ireland Aerosol Society here.

January 31st 2019

Our recent publication on bacterial viability in aerosol is reported by the BBC Radio 4 programme Inside Science, including interviews with Allen, Jonathan and Richard. Listen to the programme here.

January 24th 2019

Mara, Allen and Jonathan publish their first paper reporting a new approach to study the viability of bacteria in aerosol. The paper is published in collaboration with Dr. Richard Thomas (DSTL) and Drs. Andrew Hudson and Natalie Garton (University of Leicester) in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface. A press release about the article can be found on the University of Britsol website, here.

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