The ThermoElectron MAT95 XP Trap is a high resolution, double focussing hybrid mass spectrometer equipped with a GC (Agilent 6890 with CTC GC Pal autosampler) coupled to the MS via a heated transfer line and supports both EI and CI (+/-) modes of ionisation. In addition a direct insertion probe (DIP) is available. This instrument is no permanently interfaced to a CDS 5150 pyroprobe for the provision of Py-GC/MS.


  • Full acceleration potential for all modes
  • Resolution better than 60,000 (DIP)
  • Mass Range: 1-3500 Daltons at full acceleration potential (EI, CI)
  • Scan cycle time 0.2 s / decade
  • Multiple ion detection with 33 time windows per analysis as 31 masses per time window
  • Continuously variable entrance and exit slits with piezo-effect actuators
  • Differential pumping system with 3 turbomolecular pumps
  • UNIX based data system
Image of the ThermoFinnigan MAT95 XL GC-MS
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