Delta V Plus LC-irMS

The LC IsoLink system enables LC-IRMS to be performed via a ThermoScientific Delta V Plus IRMS coupled to a ThermoScientific LC IsoLink interface. Chromatographic separations are limited to the use of entirely aqueous phases due to the requirement for inline oxidation of the analyte. Currently, this instrument is wholly dedicated to the provision of δ13C value determinations of individual amino acids derived from a range of archaeological, ecological and geological contexts.


  • Mass Range: 1-96 Daltons at 3 kV
  • Resolution: m/Δm = 110 (10 % valley)
  • Sensitivity (absolute): 1100 molecules CO2 per mass 44 ion at the collector
  • Ion Source Linearity: 0.02 %/nA ion current (m/z 44)
  • Sample Consumption: 0.04 nmol/s CO2 for 5 nA signal at m/z 44
  • H3+ Factor: <10 ppm/nA, stability >0.03 ppm/nA/h‌
Image of the LC IsoLink LC-IRMS
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