ISQ Single Quadrupole GC-MS

The ThermoScientific ISQ is a single quadrupole, benchtop GC/MS instrument and is the 'work-horse' instrument for screening and characterising complex mixtures of volatile organic compounds. It is fitted with a programmable temperature vaporising (PTV) that can also be reconfigured to provide pseudo on-column injection and operates solely in electron ionisation (EI) mode. It is also equipped with a ThermoScientific AS1310 autosampler capable of holding up to 155 samples thereby maximising automated throughput. The facility owns and operates two of these instruments ensuring a high capacity for GC-MS analyses.


  • Mass Range: 1.2-1100 Daltons
  • Scan rate: >240 scan/s (SIM), >97 scan/s (FS)
  • Dynamic range: >109
  • Peak area repeatability <0.05% RSD
  • High temperature capability: source (350 °C), transfer line (400 °C)‌
An image of a Thermo Scientific ISQ single quadrupole GC-MS
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