The DeltaplusXP combines the extended ion optics of the DeltaplusXL with completely new electronics giving, amongst other features, an extended dynamic singnal range (up to 50 V) and high ohmic resistors variable under computer control (thereby facilitating analysis of both natural abundance and isotopically enriched samples). This particular instrument is equiped with a ThermoElectron Trace 2000 GC, with a CTC GC Pal autosampler, and is coupled to the MS via a ThermoElectron GCCIII interface. It is dedicated to compound specfic light stable isotope analysis for carbon and nitrogen. Full integration of the ISODAT NT gas isotope data system enables easy set up, tuning and automatic operation of the DeltaplusXP.


  • Mass Range: 1-70 Daltons at 3 kV
  • Resolution: CNOS: m/Δm = 95 (10 % valley), H/D: m/Δm = 10 (10 % valley)
  • Sensitivity (absolute): 1500 molecules CO2 per mass 44 ion at the collector, also with high He load
  • Ion Source Linearity: 0.02 %/nA ion current (m/z 44)
  • Sample Consumption: 0.15 nmol/s CO2 for 10 nA signal at m/z 44 (10-2 mol/As)
  • H3+ Factor: Smaller than 10 ppm/nA, stability better than 0.03 ppm/nA/h‌
Image of the Delta XP GC-C-IRMS
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