The Finnigan MAT DeltaplusXL is an extended ion optics version of the Deltaplus for atmospheric research and the on-line measurement of hydrogen isotope ratios in a He carrier gas stream.The instrument is equipped with an Thermo Trace Ultra GC, with a CTC A200S autosampler, and is coupled to the MS via a Finnigan MAT GCCIII interface. It is currently dedicated to the provision of compound specific δ13C value determinations.


  • Mass Range: 1-70 Daltons at 3 kV
  • Resolution: CNOS: m/Δm = 95 (10 % valley), H/D: m/Δm = 10 (10 % valley)
  • Sensitivity (absolute): 1500 molecules CO2 per mass 44 ion at the collector, also with high He load
  • Ion Source Linearity: 0.02 %/nA ion current (m/z 44)
  • Sample Consumption: 0.15 nmol/s CO2 for 10 nA signal at m/z 44 (10-2 mol/As)‌
Image of the ThermoQuest Delta XL Plus GC-C-IRMS
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