Delta V Plus GC-C-irMS

The Delta V represents the latest generation of IRMS available from ThermoScientific. This instrument is equipped with a ThermoScientific Trace GC and CTC Analytics GC PAL autosampler and is primarily dedicated to the provision of compound specific δ2H value determinations (and more occasionally compound specific δ15N value determinations). The isotope signature expressed in the H/D ratio of organic compounds and water is significantly larger than with any other element, because the relative mass difference of H and D isotopes is the larhest of all elements. The unique ion optics and the novel proprietry Faraday cup design of the Delta V completely eliminates the contribution of a large excess of He (m/z 4) on the very small HD signal (m/z 3).


  • Mass Range: 1-96 Daltons at 3 kV
  • Resolution: m/Δm = 110 (10 % valley)
  • Sensitivity (absolute): 1100 molecules CO2 per mass 44 ion at the collector
  • Ion Source Linearity: 0.02 %/nA ion current (m/z 44)
  • Sample Consumption: 0.04 nmol/s CO2 for 5 nA signal at m/z 44
  • H3+ Factor: <10 ppm/nA, stability >0.03 ppm/nA/h‌
Image of the Delta V GC-C-IRMS
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