“Functional molecules and materials in bottom-up synthetic biology” - Dr Pierangelo Gobbo

10 June 2020, 2.00 PM - 10 June 2020, 3.00 PM

TitleFunctional molecules and materials in bottom-up synthetic biology

Speaker: Dr Pierangelo Gobbo

ABSTRACT: Although several new types of synthetic cell-like entities, termed protocells, are now available, their structural integration into spatially interlinked tissue-like structures, that communicate both internally and with the external environment and display emergent functions remains a considerable challenge. Functional molecules and materials provide excellent opportunities to overcome this challenge. In this presentation I will show our recent advancements on the development of synthetic protocells based on functional polymers and polyoxometalates. These protocells are capable of sensing external stimuli (e.g., light, pH, and chemical gradients) and triggering internalised biochemical responses, and can be assembled into protocellular materials (see figure) with emergent properties.


This seminar will be held via Bluejeans, please contact Manda.baynes@bristol.ac.uk for the details. 

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