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Vice-Chancellor Fellowship for CMM

Sara Carreira

Dr Sara Carreira

22 November 2017

The School has been awarded a Vice-Chancellor Fellowship for Dr Sara Carreira in the area of Biomedical Sciences.

The School is delighted to welcome our new Vice-Chancellor Fellowship, Dr Sara Carreira.  Sara will be working with both Dr Adam Perriman, from the School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine and Professor Jonathan Rossiter at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, for her three-year Fellowship.

Sara said of her new fellowship and her proposed research: "I was made aware of the Vice-Chancellor Fellowships (VCF) by a colleague in the School of Physics and saw it as a great opportunity to start establishing my own line of research. I've always been interested in 'in vitro' models of different tissues and had been working on developing a model of the human placenta as well as a microfluidic tumour-on-a-chip.  For my VCF project, I want to step out of the conventional way in which 'in vitro' models are designed.  Currently, these models are mostly flat and static, whereas biological systems are dynamic and three-dimensional.  During the next three years, I will develop an in vitro model of human skin that captures both its three-dimensionality as well as the dynamic strains it experiences.  I aim to achieve this by interfacing tissue-engineered human skin with soft robotic actuators, which can function as artificial muscles that stretch the skin.  I will investigate if the transport of drugs across the skin is different when it is experiencing these mechanical strains and if those strains can help to improve the structure of tissue-engineered skin, such that it better resembles 'real' skin that could be used for transplantation."

The Vice-Chancellor’s Fellowships scheme offers an exciting opportunity for exceptional early-career researchers to advance their research careers, and support the University's strategic priorities.  

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