First Year

The first year involves a series of modules covering the five core foundations:

  1. Data-Driven AI
  2. Knowledge-Driven AI
  3. Human-AI Interaction
  4. Responsible AI
  5. Interactive AI in Context

You will complete a range of individual and group projects in preparation for your research project. The material is divided into three main teaching blocks - Teaching Block 1 (TB1, Autumn-Winter), Teaching Block 2 (TB2, Spring) and Teaching Block 3 (TB3, Summer).

CDT Programme strands

Interactive AI Team Project

The aim of this unit is to provide students with practical experience in applying user-centred, theory-informed and evidence-based design and implementation methodologies to a real-world interactive AI challenge. The work will be done in teams of 3-5 students.

Unit content:

  • Software engineering methods and tools for interactive AI pipelines
  • Approaches to participatory and user-centred design
  • Development of low and medium fidelity prototypes
  • Approaches to evaluating interactive AI applications
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