Joint Cyber Security CDTs Summer School 2021

June 28-30 2021 

In June, we hosted our first joint Summer School; the theme was Resilience - Systems, Societies and Threats 

With keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops and a data challenge it was an exciting three days. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has tested our resilience and underlined and enhanced our collective dependence on complex socio-technical systems. Where resilience thinking might once have been characterised by the question ‘what if?’, increasingly the question is ‘what now?’  

Practical responses to these security and privacy challenges will not be achieved in isolation – they will require engagement across groups and disciplines, alongside people able to translate knowledge between different contexts. There is also a need for critical engagement with the concept of resilience itself, and with current policy approaches.  

Our summer school aims to explore the complex challenges around resilience and to facilitate the interdisciplinary interactions that this problem space demands. 

Please note attendance at the Summer School is by invitation only.

Jointly organised by the EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security

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