Joint Cyber Security CDTs Summer School 2022

27-29 June 2022

In June, UCL hosted the second joint Summer School; the theme was Cybersecurity: Inception, Growth, Disruption 

With keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops and a data challenge it was an exciting three days. 



  1. To give students the opportunity to network with their peers and make connections that will be valuable in future academic, industry or governance roles.
  2. To broaden students’ knowledge of cyber security through listening to and participating in discussions on a wide range of topics, some of which may be outside their core area of interest.


As societies grapple with the implications of emerging from responding to a global pandemic, the world has witnessed an unprecedented acceleration in digitalisation. In this context, the cross-cutting nature of cyberspace has never been so evident. Reflecting on past experiences (inception), discussing current challenges (growth), and exploring future threats (disruption) in cyberspace continues to be of the utmost importance. 

State and non-state actors have understood that they can shape cyberspace to pursue their objectives suit their needs. Some seek cooperative ways to achieve this, whilst others choose to disrupt for strategic or tactical gains.

Our summer school aims to explore these dynamics. Through a socio-technical approach, we will reflect on how cyberspace was conceptualised in the past, whether it actually exists as a domain of influence independent from the physical spaced, discuss present challenges brought by a changing international order, and explore the threats lying ahead.

Please note attendance at the Summer School is by invitation only.

Jointly organised by the EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security

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