CDT Student Rob Peace Wins First Prize at SCEEM PGR Conference

Our 2019 Student Rob Peace tells us more about his winning presentation

ORBIT CDT Directors’ Forum Spring 2021

CDT Cohort 2 Student Jessie Hammil-Stewart attended this forum along with Prof. Richard Owen, our CDT’s Responsible Innovation Lead.  

Jessie gave a presentation to the audience of CDT Leaders; ‘I thoroughly enjoyed presenting at the forum. I was inspired to hear from established academics and industry about exciting new areas within responsible innovation.’ 

University of Bath experts to research online terrorism in national security project

A team of five members of our CDT Leadership Team and College of Supervisors from the University of Bath ( Professor Adam Joinson Dr. Laura Smith  Dr. David EllisDr. Lukasz Piwek, and Dr. Joanne Hinds) will  lead a new research programme within CREST – ‘Modelling online engagement patterns to infer risk’ to examine how online, virtual behaviour patterns can inform how an individual might behave in the physical world.

The Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST) has been awarded £5.3 million by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), part of UK Research and Innovation, to produce new behavioural and social science research.

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UKRI announces new Research Centre

UKRI has announced the launch of a new multi-million-pound  interdisciplinary research centre to protect citizens online: REPHRAIN

This interdisciplinary team includes experts from the Universities of Bristol, Bath, Edinburgh, King’s College London and UCL , across a wide range of fields including - but not limited to - Computer Science, Law, Psychology and Criminology, with Professor Awais Rashid as centre director.

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DiScriBe - a new research collaboration at the University of Bath

Congratulations to 
Professor Adam Joinson on the launch of his new  £3.5 million research hub at the University of Bath: DiScriBe 

In collaboration with  Department for Culture, Media and Sport  and Digital Security by Design, this research hub will focus on the social science side of digital security, bridging the gap between security engineering challenges and the businesses and people who will implement them.

By bringing a social science perspective, the DiScriBe Hub+ will help to unleash the transformational potential that the hardware innovations within Digital Security by Design makes possible.

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New project funded by the UN

As part of a UN's £10m investment in End Violence against Children programme,  Professor Awais Rashid and Dr Claudia Peersman will lead a new project with the University of Lancaster to develop new AI-based tools to protect children from ASEAN countries from abuse whilst strengthening  the response of law enforcement officers to these cases. 

The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children is a unique public-private collaboration that includes United Nations agencies, governments, industry, regional bodies, civil society, young people, advocates and champions.

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