Future cities and communities

From environmental apocalypse to technocentric smart cities - what are all the possible futures for our communities?  

Our researchers are looking at this question using knowledge of social science, behaviour change, digital infrastructure, energy and many more cross-cutting disciplines.  The Cabot Institute is promoting sustainable urban development by:
  • Enabling low carbon transitions
  • Supporting resilience and adaptation
  • Promoting health, happiness and well-being
  • Providing smart infrastructure
  • Engaging communities, supporting inclusion
  • Advancing urban policy, planning and economics

Future cities and communities research leaflet (PDF, 2,525kB).

Case studies

The Human Element

Systems Centre

The Systems Centre is leading in the application of Systems Thinking to create value within socio-technical complexity

Did you know?

The city of Bristol was European Green Capital in 2015 and the Cabot Institute played a large part in helping to realise this award by holding over 100 events to showcase the work of a variety of people from world experts to local innovators.

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