Sustainable composites: The future

29 June 2020, 9.00 AM - 3 July 2020, 5.00 PM

How can composite materials help us achieve a net zero carbon world? How can we innovate to ensure valuable composites are recycled and reused? And what are the emerging opportunities to improve the social, environmental and economic sustainability of the industry? 

Thank you to everyone who joined the Cabot Institute, the Bristol Composites Institute and the National Composites Centre for this event.

Recorded sessions

Day 1 - Monday 29 June (12.45pm-2.45pm BST): Introduction to sustainability and composites

Day 2 - Tuesday 30 June (2pm-4pm BST): Sustainable materials and the supply chain in composites

Day 3 - Wednesday 1 July (Part 1, 2pm-3pm BST): Sustainable manufacturing of composites

Day 3 - Wednesday 1 July (Part 2, 3.25pm-4pm BST): Sustainable manufacturing of composites

Day 4 - Thursday 2 July (2pm-4pm BST): Sustainable composite products

Day 5 - Friday 3 July (2pm BST): Richard Oldfield (NCC), Jane Nicholson (EPSRC) & Zakiya Mckenzie (former Black & Green Ambassdor)

Download the programme (PDF, 157kB)

Speaker list and presentations:

This summit is designed with inclusion at its heart – recognising that many individuals are managing work and childcare simultaneously and cannot commit to long sessions online. We look forward to connecting with you all.

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