Business collaboration

The Cabot Institute uses research to engage policy makers, business, and the general public in exploring living with global uncertainty and risk.

Business collaboration is central to developing the responses required to face 21st Century challenges head on.  Businesses can build relationships with the Cabot Institute through the following alliances:

The Bristol region has a long association with the “green” movement, it became European Green Capital in 2015 in recognition of the city's progress in sustainability and quality of life.  This prestigious award gave Bristol a unique opportunity to further enhance the city’s reputation for creativity, culture and innovation. The Cabot Institute was fully engaged with the Bristol Green Capital Company - Bristol 2015, and the Bristol Green Capital Partnership and helped to deliver an exciting programme during 2015 and beyond as part of its legacy.

If you would like to find out more about collaborating with us, contact us at or on 0117 331 6737.

A picture of the FERA MOU signing with Rob Edwards and Eric Thomas.
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