We've been working with world leading health companies and organisations for over 60 years. From the local NHS to pharmaceuticals and public health, we have experts at the leading edge of research and development.

Our partners

MCT Inhibitors

Research into a family of transporter proteins drives industry investment in cancer therapies.

Renal cell lines

Academic Renal Group transforms the study and design of potential treatments for renal disease.

Disregard academic and industrial stereotypes to focus on your common goals and you will certainly find common benefits

Dr Matt Jones

NHS services can provide a platform for national research that has the potential to improve health worldwide

Professor Jonathan Sandy

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Knowledge Exchange Manager

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The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute nurtures health and biomedical research at Bristol and beyond. It is building links between our research community and partners in the business sector; providing support to establish and sustain strategic partnerships with business to both advance science and deliver benefits to society. 

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