What is translation?

Translation of an opportunity encompasses a range of activities to take an interesting piece of research through to something that could be commercialised. Requirements differ depending on the project, but typical translation activities are:

  • Planning a commercial pathway. What is the best way to make a difference? Do we create a company, provide a licence to an existing company, create a social enterprise? Is there a market? Where does this opportunity fit in the industry value chain? This may also involve getting feedback from the market and sector experts to shape the development of the opportunity.
  • Finding translational funding to develop the project and build a sufficient package of information to attract further funding, investment or a commercial partner.
  • Protecting any Intellectual Property if required for commercialisation.
  • Marketing the opportunity if we decide to commercialise via an existing company.
  • Finding investment and people if we decide to commercialise via a new spin out company.
  • Negotiating the deal – either with an existing company or a new company.

 At every stage of this journey we will work with you to plan the way forward and facilitate the process to support the translation of your research.

There are a few common questions that most researchers ask so we’ve put together a few handy guides that you can use (see right hand panel "Useful information") – but please feel free to speak to a member of the team if you want to know more or want to progress an opportunity.

Useful information


Intellectual property



Thinking of working with an external partner?



Relevant information will be recorded on a secure database for the purpose of managing commercialisation activity and in line with GDPR it is only held for as long as is needed.

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